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01 about

I've never been great at talking about myself, so lets make this quick! I was born and raised in South Florida, where being outside is a way of life. I've always been drawn to the outdoors and an active & healthy lifestyle. I loved the action of sports and thought myself too uncoordinated to play myself, so I began studying to work towards a career of reporting them. I poured my heart and soul into my craft and after college landed what I thought was my dream job - cohosting a national sports morning show in Chicago! This. Was. IT!

Despite my passion for the career I was constantly left drained; working hours upon hours indoors at an office staring at a computer screen. When it was time to go on air the lights and three pounds of makeup caked on my face wore me down. I reached a low I'd never known. I had found success in the career I thought I wanted but still felt a huge void. My yoga practice previous to this point had been a bit sporadic.

During this stressful and confusing time as I contemplated a change in career paths I turned to my practice more consistently to take time for myself, to breathe, to move and to overall decompress. The more I practiced, the clearer things became. My muscles were toning, my mind was cleansing and life became fun again. Yoga became my sanctuary and it became obvious to me that this was actually my calling. It was time for a career change because all I wanted was to share the magic of yoga with others! I packed my bags, moved back to sunny south Florida and began my training. I've never felt healthier or happier than I do now and I want to share that feeling with anyone who might be feeling down in their careers, who need an active escape from the office or just wants to tone up.

After teaching for a little over a year & a half I began to realize that sudents getting to class was the hardest part. I had several people 
message saying they'd like to come to class but are too intimidated or aren't flexible enough to practice in front of others. I had people asking for videos and workout regimes they could first start in the comfort of their own home and it got me thinking....what can I do to share my practice with people aren't comfortable with attending class or are too far to make it to class? Then it dawned on me - an ebook! (COMING SOON!)


So that brings us to where we are now. If you've been looking for a place to begin learning yoga, if you've been wanting to practice with me but live too far away, if you travel for work and need a flow & workout that you can do in a hotel room - I am here for you!! Yoga is here for you!! I'd love to be the one to guide you Ito this awesome, challenging and oh so magic practice no matter what level yogi or workout mongrel you are. I really think each and every person on this planet can get something out of this practice.

Now, let's flow! 


02 training

RYT 200 with Haute Yoga

Intro to Kundalini with Zeal Yoga


03 rates

Private Session $150

(1-3 people)

Private sessions include an hour to hour and a half class tailored to your yoga specific goals allowing for an individualized session to meet the needs of the student.

Each private session, the student will be provided with a worksheet with photographs and descriptions for flows to practice on their own.

Group Session $200

(4+ people)

Group sessions include an hour to hour and a half class with a more generalized but still customizable flow to fit the group's wants and needs.

The flow can be modified to the group's more broad interests such as stretching, toning or flexibility. 


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